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Creating a will

Making a Will is often a simple and inexpensive task.  It is vitally important for everyone to consider making a Will.  At R.T. Law Solicitors we will advise and prepare your Will for you.


The making of a Will is important in that it makes sure that your money and property passes to those who you most intend to benefit, i.e. your spouse, family and friends.  The absence of a Will can leave your estate open to challenge and in some circumstances leave the entirety of your money and property to pass to the state.  Should you die without making a Will the rules of intestacy apply and can result in your money or property passing to beneficiaries who you would never have intended to benefit during your lifetime.


You simply need to call the office and express an interest in making a Will.  Details can be taken on the telephone and the appropriate information sheets sent out to you to complete and return following which appropriate advice will be given followed by the making of your Will.

For wills advice call:

0121 459 1414