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Personal Injury and Civil Disputes covering Kings Norton, Birmingham and all geographical areas

Do you have a personal injury claim?


R.T. Law Solicitors will handle most types of Civil claims and accident claims.  If you have had an accident at work or in public we will help you make a compensation claim for your injury or other type of remedy.


Do you have a personal injury claim?  Have you had an accident at work or on the road within the last 3 years?  If so, we can assist you in making your claim for compensation.  If your injury has been caused as a result of somebody else's fault you can probably make a claim under one of the firms 'No Win, No Fee' claim arrangements.  In making such a claim, it enables you to keep all of any compensation that you are awarded.


The causes of accidents are wide and varied but in order for an accident to become a claim for compensation it must be possible to show that the party causing the injury has been negligent or that the Law has been ignored or breached.  The firm deals with personal injury claims from a variety of situations, including work place accidents, road traffic accidents and industrial disease compensation claims, slips and trips.

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Accidents at Work


Employers have a duty to ensure that their employees are safe in the work place.  Various statutes and work place regulations exist to protect employees. If these regulations have not been complied with and the resulting failure causes an injury, an employee can seek compensation against his or her employer.


Road Traffic Accident Claims


An action arises for a person who sustains injury as a result of a road traffic accident involving another driver's negligence.  This class of claimant can include drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and passengers.  Everyone driving a vehicle on the road should have insurance but this is not always the case; in which instance special types of claim can be made to enable compensation to be recovered against an uninsured driver.  In personal injury matters your claim will be evaluated and the merits assessed before giving advice to you upon the prospect of success and your options as to funding your case. Under a conditional fee agreement i.e. a 'no win, no fee' arrangement you are guaranteed to keep all of your compensation if your case is settled without going to court or if you win your case after applying to court.  There are other means of funding your case and you would be advised accordingly.


Debt Claims


Are you owed money?  At R.T. Law Solicitors we can assist you in the recovery of both personal and business debts.  These matters are always best dealt with by negotiation so to avoid such matters having to be referred to the courts.  You will be advised about the possibility of civil Mediation in dealing with debtors.  Are you the subject of a debt claim or perhaps threatened with insolvency?  If so, we can assist and advise you in these matters and where necessary refer you to appropriate external guidance and support.  If you dispute a claim made against you we can defend actions on your behalf that are going through the courts.


Contract Disputes


At R.T. Law Solicitors we often advise our business clients in a range of contractual issues ranging from straight forward debt claims or claims alleging a substandard of work or standard of service.  Such disputes can damage a business and require practical and prompt advice in order to try and resolve these issues either by being directed towards civil Mediation or through the courts.


Landlord and Tenant


Have you let your home to an occupier or are you a Tenant threatened with possession proceedings?  At R.T. Law Solicitors we advise both Landlords and Tenants in trying to resolve matters by negotiation and conciliation.  Sometimes possession actions are necessary for a Landlord seeking to recover possession of a property in circumstances where there are rent arrears or a Tenancy Agreement being disregarded by a Tenant.


If you are a Tenant and face a Notice to Quit and the threat of possession proceedings such actions can often be successfully defended.  We advise and represent Tenants in court proceedings so to try and avoid you being evicted from your home.


If you are in need of a Solicitor or are just looking for some initial advice, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss our wide range of services, including Divorce, Separation and Child Law matters.