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What is Mediation?

• Mediation is the way forward towards resolving the often difficult issues that arise in connection with children and the important financial aspects of divorce and separation.


• Mediation involves looking at the paramount best interests of your children and assists the parties to maintain healthy relationships with their children despite divorce and separation.


• Mediation encourages and assists a process of co-operation between the parties instead of being preoccupied by the natural divide that divorce and separation involves.


• Mediation is a mutual management of separation and divorce and is a process that helps spouses or the separating couple from becoming entrenched in their positions and so assists them to resolve things amicably by considering all of the available options.


• Mediation empowers the couple, giving them the confidence to work towards their own resolutions, allows them to take control of the issues rather than control being influenced by Solicitors and the Courts.


• Mediation encourages and assists the parties to reach outcomes upon which they are the primary influence.


• Mediation looks to help in the process of agreeing the division of the matrimonial assets and debts and looks at what will happen to the family home.


• Mediation helps to resolve issues in the wider context of the family as a whole.

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How does the mediator help?


The Mediator’s role is to facilitate and guide. He is there to help and enable both parties to express their views and to assist in exploring their options and ultimately to try and encourage a solution that will resolve the difficult issues.


The Mediator does not represent either party in the conventional sense of a Solicitor and Client.


It is not the Mediator's role to give legal advice. That is the task that remains with the parties’ Solicitors who can be consulted at any time during the course of Mediation. To what extent the Solicitors are involved is entirely the choice of the couple.


Eventually, once a resolution is found, the parties are advised to take their own advice from their legal advisers upon their proposals and intended agreement reached during Mediation.


How does mediation work?


Contact your Mediator directly or alternatively you may choose to refer your matter to Mediation through your legal advisers, Solicitor, other professionals or perhaps via your employer.


An initial appointment will be arranged, at either the Kings Norton Office or the Hartlebury Consultation Office, so to talk about the suitability for Mediation and to consider the issues that you require help and support with.


These initial meetings can take place with the parties alone or preferably together. The initial Mediation meeting will be unlikely to last longer than about 30 minutes.


Following the initial appointment the Mediation process starts. Mediation sessions for parties living in Worcestershire will take place at the Hartlebury Consultation Office.


The extent and amount of Mediation meetings depends upon the issues that need to be discussed such as children, money or property, although it is normally anticipated that between two and five meetings, not including the initial Mediation meeting, will occur.


What does it cost?


The costs of mediation will be explained at the initial pre-mediation meeting. The charges that will be paid to the mediator will reflect the time that the mediation process takes and for the mediator’s work on documents and statements that have to be prepared when the process has concluded. There are no charges made for letters and telephone calls.


The couple will each enter into a formal agreement with the Mediator, the details of which will be fully explained in advance.


Why choose Mediation as opposed to conventional representation?


Mediation allows the parties to work together, to confidentially discuss and resolve the issues affecting children, the family home and all of the surrounding financial matters arising from divorce, relationship and family breakdown.


Mediation gives the couple the opportunity to communicate and to resolve their own disputes and difficulties with a legally trained Mediator who is totally unbiased and impartial.


The primary incentive is for all involved to maintain control of the process of settling the issues rather than being subjected to the timetable, costs and the risk of other professionals or perhaps the courts making the final decisions for you.


Ultimately, Mediation looks to assist in reaching a resolution of all matters that will be enduring and acceptable for the couple and their children, such decisions affecting the family’s future for a long time afterwards.


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Mediator: Ron Thomas is the “Resolution” Solicitor Mediator specialising in all aspects of divorce and family separation.


More information can be obtained about our Mediation service on 0121 459 1414 or by using our contact form.


The initial pre-Mediation appointment can be arranged from either contact point.